Shungite metaphysical experience

Shungite is a mineral found only in Russia, Karelia. The composition of the mineral is made up of mostly carbon and is said to be over 2 billions years old. It is most commonly used as a form of water purifier because of it is composed of fullerenes AKA ‘Buckyballs’. Shungite also conducts electricity and it is said to deflect or counteract EMF. Because of it's carbon structure, Shungite is very light in weight as compared with other minerals and crystals.

There are different grades of shungite:
Grade 3 Shungite is greyish, comes commonly in powder or clay forms. It contains 30 ~ 50% organic carbon.
Grade 2 Shungite is black and can be polished and shaped. It contains 50 ~ 70% organic carbon.
Grade 1 Shungite also called Elite/ Noble/ Silver Shungite is the rarest, with a bright sheen like a polished mirror. It contains 98% organic carbon.

I was searching for water purification when I chanced upon it. I bought a bag of shungite chips. The first time I held a shungite chip in my hand it filled me with joy. I felt so warm and heartened for no reason. It made me smile like a silly person. I made me felt glad to be alive. I was so astounded by the effect it had on me that I carried it everywhere I went. I gradually saved up enough to get a small piece of elite Shungite. It... in a way helped changed my life. 

Griding. I tend pick up people and places' negative energy every easily. I used to get headaches and irrational mood swings, and feel exhausted or rage all the time at specific corners of the house. I tried all kinds remedies to curb my problems. I've tried feng shui remedies, drinking herbal teas, exercising, clearing up the house... Nothing worked. Things started to improve after I placed chunks of Shungite where the energy felt horrible. After sometime I started having less headaches and mood swings, and the corners of the house stopped feeling so unbearably irky and horrible. However the flow of energy would change so I would move my rocks around lol. Whenever I felt horrible I would hold a piece of Shungite, carry on with whatever I was doing and not think about it. After awhile I would feel calmer. ^^)>

Shungite may not work for everyone. It just happened that I'm very attracted to it's energy. There other stones that are great for grounding and protection too. One of them is the black tourmaline, Schorl. It is sturdy, strong and doesn't need to be cleansed or charged so often. Another is Selenite. It is... it has very gentle and fluffy vibes, motherly.  Selenite soothes the heart and calms one down. Amethyst is another gentle stone. It calms and balances the environment. Great for combating stress.

I do notice that Shungite needs to be cleansed and charged quite often and regularly. My shungite stones seem to love cold water as a cleansing method and lots of sunshine to recharge. Elite seems to love the full moon too ...well at least mine seems to. ^^)

Shungite water. I have a grade 2 shungite cube which i put in my water jar. It is a 3x3cm cube. I would filled it up with filtered tap water ( Singapore's tap water is safe for drinking ), reiki  it for 1 minute and leave it overnight. The water does taste smoother and without the rusty tap water taste. I am not sure how or if my water had changed for the better. Anyhow, my cats love it and that is more than enough of a reason for me to continue using it. I would give the cube a rinse and sun it every few days.

Other uses. I would meditate with it. Sometimes I put in under my pillow while I slept. It gave me interesting dreams and that was fun :>. I've also tried placing tumbled shungite in my potted plants but the plants didn't thrive with it. Reiki seems to work better with plants.

Conclusion. Shungite is grounding. It is a good stone for those who are ready, need or want changes in their lives. Shungite will help push you towards those changes. As for Shungite water... although I find that negative ion alkaline water tastes "cleaner" ( I have no way to test it ), I like my shungite water more because it has a strong personality XD. It definitely works at combating EMF and calms the environment down. As for the gradings and effectiveness. I have found that although Elite Shungite feels really strong energetically ( giddily strong ), grade 2 Shungite isn't that far behind especially when polished and shaped for specific uses ie. pyramids, spheres etc. You will need a much bigger piece of grade 3 shungite to achieve the same level of effectiveness that of grade 2 or 1 Shungite. That said, grade 3 Shungite is the gentlest among all. It has the same hopeful vibes but less vicious. Elite Shungite maybe the prettiest but it is also the most fragile and shatters easily ( when dropped . True to it's name it does give off an " aristoratic" vibe LOL.

I love to pair my Shungite with rose quartz, selenite and clear quartz. They seem to get along really well. ^V^)

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