We are all the same... bit

Growing up in a multicultural nation gave me the advantage to be exposed to and be open to many religions. Having heard Islamic chants, Buddhist chants, Tibetan mantras, Gregorian Chants etc. They all have similar tones. It struck me that they are not only the same at the core fundamentally, but also in frequency and vibration.

When I was young I loved to look at the way rain poured down window pane while in the train. They looked so similar to the way tree roots grow and the veins in my wrist. It was fascinating to watch. It was much later that I come to learn about fractal. And from there I realised that everything is a different perspective of the same element... same bit...
Humans, animals, trees, water, inanimate objects...

I felt that perfection and power is not about being on the extreme side of the force... darkness or light, but in the middle where we can perceive and have the freedom to make a choice.
If only people can understand and be nicer to animals and nature.

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