We are all the same... bit

Growing up in a multicultural nation gave me the advantage to be exposed to and be open to many religions. Having heard Islamic chants, Buddhist chants, Tibetan mantras, Gregorian Chants etc. They all have similar tones. It struck me that they are not only the same at the core fundamentally, but also in frequency and vibration.

When I was young I loved to look at the way rain poured down window pane while in the train. They looked so similar to the way tree roots grow and the veins in my wrist. It was fascinating to watch. It was much later that I come to learn about fractal. And from there I realised that everything is a different perspective of the same element... same bit...
Humans, animals, trees, water, inanimate objects...

I felt that perfection and power is not about being on the extreme side of the force... darkness or light, but in the middle where we can perceive and have the freedom to make a choice.
If only people can understand and be nicer to animals and nature.


Shungite metaphysical experience

Shungite is a mineral found only in Russia, Karelia. The composition of the mineral is made up of mostly carbon and is said to be over 2 billions years old. It is most commonly used as a form of water purifier because of it is composed of fullerenes AKA ‘Buckyballs’. Shungite also conducts electricity and it is said to deflect or counteract EMF. Because of it's carbon structure, Shungite is very light in weight as compared with other minerals and crystals.

There are different grades of shungite:
Grade 3 Shungite is greyish, comes commonly in powder or clay forms. It contains 30 ~ 50% organic carbon.
Grade 2 Shungite is black and can be polished and shaped. It contains 50 ~ 70% organic carbon.
Grade 1 Shungite also called Elite/ Noble/ Silver Shungite is the rarest, with a bright sheen like a polished mirror. It contains 98% organic carbon.

I was searching for water purification when I chanced upon it. I bought a bag of shungite chips. The first time I held a shungite chip in my hand it filled me with joy. I felt so warm and heartened for no reason. It made me smile like a silly person. I made me felt glad to be alive. I was so astounded by the effect it had on me that I carried it everywhere I went. I gradually saved up enough to get a small piece of elite Shungite. It... in a way helped changed my life. 

Griding. I tend pick up people and places' negative energy every easily. I used to get headaches and irrational mood swings, and feel exhausted or rage all the time at specific corners of the house. I tried all kinds remedies to curb my problems. I've tried feng shui remedies, drinking herbal teas, exercising, clearing up the house... Nothing worked. Things started to improve after I placed chunks of Shungite where the energy felt horrible. After sometime I started having less headaches and mood swings, and the corners of the house stopped feeling so unbearably irky and horrible. However the flow of energy would change so I would move my rocks around lol. Whenever I felt horrible I would hold a piece of Shungite, carry on with whatever I was doing and not think about it. After awhile I would feel calmer. ^^)>

Shungite may not work for everyone. It just happened that I'm very attracted to it's energy. There other stones that are great for grounding and protection too. One of them is the black tourmaline, Schorl. It is sturdy, strong and doesn't need to be cleansed or charged so often. Another is Selenite. It is... it has very gentle and fluffy vibes, motherly.  Selenite soothes the heart and calms one down. Amethyst is another gentle stone. It calms and balances the environment. Great for combating stress.

I do notice that Shungite needs to be cleansed and charged quite often and regularly. My shungite stones seem to love cold water as a cleansing method and lots of sunshine to recharge. Elite seems to love the full moon too ...well at least mine seems to. ^^)

Shungite water. I have a grade 2 shungite cube which i put in my water jar. It is a 3x3cm cube. I would filled it up with filtered tap water ( Singapore's tap water is safe for drinking ), reiki  it for 1 minute and leave it overnight. The water does taste smoother and without the rusty tap water taste. I am not sure how or if my water had changed for the better. Anyhow, my cats love it and that is more than enough of a reason for me to continue using it. I would give the cube a rinse and sun it every few days.

Other uses. I would meditate with it. Sometimes I put in under my pillow while I slept. It gave me interesting dreams and that was fun :>. I've also tried placing tumbled shungite in my potted plants but the plants didn't thrive with it. Reiki seems to work better with plants.

Conclusion. Shungite is grounding. It is a good stone for those who are ready, need or want changes in their lives. Shungite will help push you towards those changes. As for Shungite water... although I find that negative ion alkaline water tastes "cleaner" ( I have no way to test it ), I like my shungite water more because it has a strong personality XD. It definitely works at combating EMF and calms the environment down. As for the gradings and effectiveness. I have found that although Elite Shungite feels really strong energetically ( giddily strong ), grade 2 Shungite isn't that far behind especially when polished and shaped for specific uses ie. pyramids, spheres etc. You will need a much bigger piece of grade 3 shungite to achieve the same level of effectiveness that of grade 2 or 1 Shungite. That said, grade 3 Shungite is the gentlest among all. It has the same hopeful vibes but less vicious. Elite Shungite maybe the prettiest but it is also the most fragile and shatters easily ( when dropped . True to it's name it does give off an " aristoratic" vibe LOL.

I love to pair my Shungite with rose quartz, selenite and clear quartz. They seem to get along really well. ^V^)

Information on Shungite


It doesn't take a lot to give

I made a set of A5 sized printable calendar for anyone who would like to have it. It's free to download here- 2016 calendar download link  
To say that I gain nothing from it is a lie for it brings me joy to know that there are people out there who likes it enough to download and use it. To see others happy makes me happy too. Joy may not put table on food on the table or pay the bills, it feeds the heart. A healthy heart provides the strength to hope and see another day through with or without material sustenance.

Sample picture of the calendar-


Affordable yet refreshing yoghurt and cucumber facial mask recipe

I have eczema and sensitive skin. Commercial masks maybe convenient to use but they also rather pricey. Sometimes I develop skin irritation after using them and regular facial treatment at a salon is financially out of the question for me. So I decided to make my own masks that will help ease my eczema woes with what I can find in the kitchen. This is a very versatile recipe and most of ingredients used are edible. It may be rather messy to wash it off and inconvenient when you are in a hurry, but it costs less than $3 to make and will last you around a week if you use it everyday!  Moreover it works just as well as a store bought mask.
Grated cucumber - 1 Tablespoon
Plain or greek yoghurt - 3 tablespoons
Flour - 2- 3 tablespoons ( I use rice flour. Soy or cosmetic powder clay are fine too )
Oil - 1 teaspoon ( olive, coconut, almond, jojoba etc. whatever you like or have )

1 capsule of vitamin E or evening primrose if you are taking them as supplement
or/ and
3-5 drops of essential oil (note: not aromatherapy oil ) 
1-2 teaspoon of honey

 1) Wash and grate 1 tablespoon of cucumber
I use Japanese cucumber. They come in a bag of two or threes. It makes a crunchy refreshing fuss free lunch with a sprinkle of salt and dipped into the yoghurt. 
*Note on cucumber
Cucumbers are cooling, soothing and moisturizing because they are rich in vitamin A, K and B5. Cucumbers also contains silica, a precursor to collagen, which helps fight wrinkles.
*Note on acne
A change of diet helps alleviate acne problems. Less sugar, less carb, more fibre, being happy and drinking plenty of water helps a lot.

 2) Add 3 tablespoons of yoghurt ( plain or Greek )
I wouldn't use the flavored ones because of the flavorings and addictive. ^^) The rest of the yoghurt is good to eat it on it's own or as salad dip... or even to make a frittata.
*Note on yoghurt
Yoghurt is hydrating and has whitening effect. It softens the skin and is rich in vitamin D. It is also good for soothing acne and eczematous symptoms.

 3) Add 2- 3 tablespoons of flour
The consistency is up to individual's liking.
I use rice flour because it is what I have. Sometimes I use soy powder which makes the mask thicker and gel-like. You can use cosmetic powder clay or even milk powder.
*Always check the ingredients of a product.

 4) Add 1- 2 teaspoons of oil
Olive oil/ sunflower oil/ grapeseed oil/ coconut oil/ jojoba oil.... basically what you have as long as they are clean... and not rancid.
1 Vitamin E/ Evening Primrose capsule
If you are taking supplements ( the gel capsule type ) spare a capsule for this recipe.
Oil and vitamin E acts as an ointment and a form of preservative.

 5) Other optional stuff to enhance the recipe
1 - 2 teaspoons of honey
*Note on honey
Honey is a blend of sugar, trace enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids that has antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antioxidant properties. Next time you chance upon a honey bee don't panic and don't be too fast to try and kill it. ^^)
2 - 5 drops of of essential oil
Soothing essential oil includes-
Chamomile and Lavender
For skin cells regeneration, mature skin-
Rosemary, Basil, Geranium, Rose otto, Frankincense etc.
*Note on essential oil
Adjust the amount according to the type of essential oil. Please take note and keep away from the type of oil that you are sensitive or allergic to. Citrus oil is photosensitive so it may burn your skin so please use them with caution. Please do not use aromatherapy oil as they are different from 100% essential oil. They are not suited to be used on skin. Animals are sensitive to essential oil and perfume, do keep them away from small children and pets.

6) Mix all the ingredients till a whipped cream consistency, lump-free. Not too watery. You don't want to look like a zombie exposed to radiation with the green tinted goo dripping down your face and neck. Neither do you you want the mask to be thick and lumpy which will be difficult to spread on the face.  Chill it in the fridge for 30 minutes before use... just because it feels good chilled.

Spread it across the face, leave it on for 15 minutes and then rinse or wipe it off.

7) This recipe yields enough to last around week if you use it once daily.
Please keep it covered or lidded in the fridge.

SIde note:
If yoghurt is unavailable, use more cucumber with honey or/and aloe vera gel. If you don't have a cucumber, you can replace it with avocado or aloe vera gel.


Reiki newbie's experience

What is reiki? What is healing?
(  I'm lazy as a... I don't know peanut. Peanut sounds cute. Wikepedia explains it a million times better than I could try. )

Took me a long time to decide on taking up lessons on reiki primarily because it is expensive and secondarily I had my doubts. Lastly because of the stigma that energy healing is a health fraud. That was until it became my last desperate resort after medical science, math, psychological remedies, health diets, fengshui, physics failed to work. I took to google. The word "health" led me to diet remedies, which then led me to feng shui of healthy homes, and then geopathic stress led me to crystals healing and mineralogy. From there it led me to Alan Moore and magick, with which led me to meditation, mantra, binaural beats, cymatics and interdimensions. From there I chanced upon Reiki videos on YouTube. I didn't see any harm trying them out since I was pretty much 90% zombified and ready to gouge my brain out and let be. I created a playlist of it and played it with stringent discipline everyday. Not really hopeful of any outcome at all. In fact I was skeptical. I was daring it to fail so as to prove to myself that it is the end. There is no hope in this world. I will never dig my way out of the pit. How could energy and intention travel through cyberspace and gadgets, and affect a viewer across the globe? I couldn't figure it out how. Anyway I simply didn't care anymore. That was... until I started to notice subtle changes after a week or so. So subtle that any skeptics would scoff at it... but I was at pit bottom. For me it was a big thing. A loud whamp bang. I didn't care if it was placebo effect. All I cared was that it worked. That itself is enough of a validation for me. Below is the link to the playlist I've created-
RestRelaxationReiki YouTube channel )
reiki home cleansing, depression and stress management

Cool YouTube music video on cymatics by Nigel John Stanford
Read about Dr. Emoto's water crystals. Water holds memory.

After playing it for a few months it became tiring. I was frustrated that I was helpless and dependent on something I could not understand. So I began researching on Reiki. It didn't do much good. My dyslexic mind read the words on screen like little minions bouncing around in chaos. Anyway the way to understand reiki is not through the mind but the heart. I found that out when I went to a free reiki talk which gave a free heart attunement. It felt so good. I took out my month's saving and signed up for a basic reiki workshop (treated it as an investment ). On the day of the workshop all the students were given an attunement. I would liken attunement to... say I'm  a radio and someone tuned me into a specific radio station and the tap is turned on! Among many things that happened, I started feeling the fuzzy buzz in my hands. I wasn't told that it would do that?! I can still feel it now, typing on the keyboard. I don't mind it. I'm got used to my tinnitus I can get used to this.
Attunement, Tuning and Frequency
Documentary on Resonance and energy frequency

Reiki detox
We were warned about detox symptoms that comes with the attunemnet. Drinking more water, maybe tummy upset or headaches. But, nothing prepared me for what I got. My detox symptoms were furious and furious. I felt as if I was thrown into the Hadron Collider just when a collison was taking place. It was scary. During the first night after playing with giving reiki to my cats I went to sleep. I couldn't sleep. I had a bit of a headache. It was past midnight I still couldn't sleep. I began shivering as if I was having a bad flu. Then I was suddenly swamped with immense fear. A huge gravity leadened bubble of unidentifiable sense of fear. Fear of everything and anything. My brain unable to comprehend anything but to lie there and just be in fear. I grew really sleepy but was too afraid to close my eyes and I didn't know why. That went on till 4 or 5 in the morning.
Reiki healing
2 weeks on, other forms of detoxes continued to manifest themselves when I least expected... sudden full blown burst of emotional turmoil which I had been keeping stable for so long with meditaion, skin problems- that can be managed through holistic lifestyle changes- exhaustion etc. It isn't too surprising now that I think about it. A lifetime of suppressed emotional and mental problems is a lot layers to dig out and peel away. Lots of pain. Very painful. I'm still in the Hadron Collider searching for my own Higgs Boson, the god particle. But no one is going to help you if you do not help yourself. Laws of attraction.

Do not to force reiki onto those who don't want it.
Does Reiki work?  In my own opinion yes. View it with an openmind, use it with a logical mind. everyone has different views and my personal view is that Reiki does not cure. It is not a form of medication but rather, a form of energy that nudge you to heal yourself and it can't help you if you do not want to be helped subconsciously or consciously. Be it psychological effect or call it placebo effect if you like. It just so happened that it is one of the modalities( or permissions slip :] ) that worked for me. Different minds resonate with different modalities or the world would be so dull and grey.
Researches have shown that the effect of placebo is powerful.

Heal thyself before healing others.
I'm glad. I may still financially strapped and dirt poor but  my mind is healing and getting better without becoming dependent on the consumption of man made chemicals, which are often costly and lifelong. Healing slowly but at least surely. I am also glad that my cats love reiki, not all the times but when they need it they love it! Cats :) My potted plants love it. I tried reiki-ing water too but couldn't tell the difference. I have some rough crystals and they love it. Plants and rocks seem to soak up the energy without hesitation. I tried reiki-ing my external HD, just for the heck of it. Not sure if anything happened at all but at least it stopped making scary scratchy noises that screamed "I'm going on a strike and I might just go jump into a virtual dark hole so say goodbye to all your documents and files!" Tried reiki-ing a sprained neck to see how far Reiki can go ( to see how powerful I'm! Grahah! ). Not sure if it worked. Medicated heat pack and a good stretching seemed to be more effective ( not so powerful after all nahah! ).

Since the attunement I've been feeling thirsty and craving for water so much that I don't even use a mug anymore. I use a jar.

To sum up my Reiki experience.
Reiki does not take effect immediately. I notice that it took awhile after a reiki session for any effect to show up. So it takes a little patience. The energy flows with less resistence when I do not focus and insist too much on the end results. Reiki aids emotional healing from within. It calms the mind. When the mindset changes, it will manifest physically, be it in appearance or the way of living. It isn't magic. To me it is energy, it psychology and physics ( although I have to confess that my knowledge of physics is that level of what a cotton stuffed bear in a closet knows ).

Took me a lot of courage to write this. As you can see I'm not good at writing, but still I hope it was slightly enjoyable and helpful.