Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Fear- 1. Invisibililty

 This blog has been neglected for so long that I have decided to use it to write any whims or nonsense that pop up in my mind even though I'm terrible at writing. 

 I have the power of invisibility LOL. Many years back I was at the table of a comics related convention, chewing on nuts like tree squirrel with a bad hair day. I wondered why those who stopped by the table did not attempt to talk to me at all. Do I look that unapproachable?

 I soon realised that it was because nobody noticed that I was there. Very often strangers would fail to notice my presence and would be startled when they realised someone was there, right beside or behind them like a ghost(and for quite awhile too). Their reactions were quite amusing at times to watch. This ability which stemmed from my fear towards the human species since a very young age can be quite useful at times but the down side is that since I do not know how to switch it off at will, it works so well that I blend into the subatomic particles. Ninja style. It would spread into the metaphysical space of my existence. My art, my voice and words all become small and whited-out, difficult to find and see or hear, or sink into the mind.

 I have had pieces of genuine gemstones such as jade given to me as charms. Every single one of them would turn pallid and dull after a month or two. It made me sad because I felt as if I had killed them... They looked and felt dead. Happy stones shine and sparkle, and they give off vibes.

 I would probably make a good thief but I do not have the courage and wit to be one, nor do I want to steal anything that isn't mine. My invisibility inspired the title of my blog Pallidmor which means a pale looking dark puddle. Like sick cloudy aura, almost non existent.