Reiki newbie's experience

What is reiki? What is healing?
(  I'm lazy as a... I don't know peanut. Peanut sounds cute. Wikepedia explains it a million times better than I could try. )

Took me a long time to decide on taking up lessons on reiki primarily because it is expensive and secondarily I had my doubts. Lastly because of the stigma that energy healing is a health fraud. That was until it became my last desperate resort after medical science, math, psychological remedies, health diets, fengshui, physics failed to work. I took to google. The word "health" led me to diet remedies, which then led me to feng shui of healthy homes, and then geopathic stress led me to crystals healing and mineralogy. From there it led me to Alan Moore and magick, with which led me to meditation, mantra, binaural beats, cymatics and interdimensions. From there I chanced upon Reiki videos on YouTube. I didn't see any harm trying them out since I was pretty much 90% zombified and ready to gouge my brain out and let be. I created a playlist of it and played it with stringent discipline everyday. Not really hopeful of any outcome at all. In fact I was skeptical. I was daring it to fail so as to prove to myself that it is the end. There is no hope in this world. I will never dig my way out of the pit. How could energy and intention travel through cyberspace and gadgets, and affect a viewer across the globe? I couldn't figure it out how. Anyway I simply didn't care anymore. That was... until I started to notice subtle changes after a week or so. So subtle that any skeptics would scoff at it... but I was at pit bottom. For me it was a big thing. A loud whamp bang. I didn't care if it was placebo effect. All I cared was that it worked. That itself is enough of a validation for me. Below is the link to the playlist I've created-
RestRelaxationReiki YouTube channel )
reiki home cleansing, depression and stress management

Cool YouTube music video on cymatics by Nigel John Stanford
Read about Dr. Emoto's water crystals. Water holds memory.

After playing it for a few months it became tiring. I was frustrated that I was helpless and dependent on something I could not understand. So I began researching on Reiki. It didn't do much good. My dyslexic mind read the words on screen like little minions bouncing around in chaos. Anyway the way to understand reiki is not through the mind but the heart. I found that out when I went to a free reiki talk which gave a free heart attunement. It felt so good. I took out my month's saving and signed up for a basic reiki workshop (treated it as an investment ). On the day of the workshop all the students were given an attunement. I would liken attunement to... say I'm  a radio and someone tuned me into a specific radio station and the tap is turned on! Among many things that happened, I started feeling the fuzzy buzz in my hands. I wasn't told that it would do that?! I can still feel it now, typing on the keyboard. I don't mind it. I'm got used to my tinnitus I can get used to this.
Attunement, Tuning and Frequency
Documentary on Resonance and energy frequency

Reiki detox
We were warned about detox symptoms that comes with the attunemnet. Drinking more water, maybe tummy upset or headaches. But, nothing prepared me for what I got. My detox symptoms were furious and furious. I felt as if I was thrown into the Hadron Collider just when a collison was taking place. It was scary. During the first night after playing with giving reiki to my cats I went to sleep. I couldn't sleep. I had a bit of a headache. It was past midnight I still couldn't sleep. I began shivering as if I was having a bad flu. Then I was suddenly swamped with immense fear. A huge gravity leadened bubble of unidentifiable sense of fear. Fear of everything and anything. My brain unable to comprehend anything but to lie there and just be in fear. I grew really sleepy but was too afraid to close my eyes and I didn't know why. That went on till 4 or 5 in the morning.
Reiki healing
2 weeks on, other forms of detoxes continued to manifest themselves when I least expected... sudden full blown burst of emotional turmoil which I had been keeping stable for so long with meditaion, skin problems- that can be managed through holistic lifestyle changes- exhaustion etc. It isn't too surprising now that I think about it. A lifetime of suppressed emotional and mental problems is a lot layers to dig out and peel away. Lots of pain. Very painful. I'm still in the Hadron Collider searching for my own Higgs Boson, the god particle. But no one is going to help you if you do not help yourself. Laws of attraction.

Do not to force reiki onto those who don't want it.
Does Reiki work?  In my own opinion yes. View it with an openmind, use it with a logical mind. everyone has different views and my personal view is that Reiki does not cure. It is not a form of medication but rather, a form of energy that nudge you to heal yourself and it can't help you if you do not want to be helped subconsciously or consciously. Be it psychological effect or call it placebo effect if you like. It just so happened that it is one of the modalities( or permissions slip :] ) that worked for me. Different minds resonate with different modalities or the world would be so dull and grey.
Researches have shown that the effect of placebo is powerful.

Heal thyself before healing others.
I'm glad. I may still financially strapped and dirt poor but  my mind is healing and getting better without becoming dependent on the consumption of man made chemicals, which are often costly and lifelong. Healing slowly but at least surely. I am also glad that my cats love reiki, not all the times but when they need it they love it! Cats :) My potted plants love it. I tried reiki-ing water too but couldn't tell the difference. I have some rough crystals and they love it. Plants and rocks seem to soak up the energy without hesitation. I tried reiki-ing my external HD, just for the heck of it. Not sure if anything happened at all but at least it stopped making scary scratchy noises that screamed "I'm going on a strike and I might just go jump into a virtual dark hole so say goodbye to all your documents and files!" Tried reiki-ing a sprained neck to see how far Reiki can go ( to see how powerful I'm! Grahah! ). Not sure if it worked. Medicated heat pack and a good stretching seemed to be more effective ( not so powerful after all nahah! ).

Since the attunement I've been feeling thirsty and craving for water so much that I don't even use a mug anymore. I use a jar.

To sum up my Reiki experience.
Reiki does not take effect immediately. I notice that it took awhile after a reiki session for any effect to show up. So it takes a little patience. The energy flows with less resistence when I do not focus and insist too much on the end results. Reiki aids emotional healing from within. It calms the mind. When the mindset changes, it will manifest physically, be it in appearance or the way of living. It isn't magic. To me it is energy, it psychology and physics ( although I have to confess that my knowledge of physics is that level of what a cotton stuffed bear in a closet knows ).

Took me a lot of courage to write this. As you can see I'm not good at writing, but still I hope it was slightly enjoyable and helpful.

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